A 65-year-old man comes to the clinic for evaluation of worsening fatigue and back pain for 4 months. He reports frequent streptococcal respiratory infections in the past 6 months. He takes no medications and has no positive family history. On examination, vital signs are normal, but there is a presence of pitting edema on the legs, bone tenderness and conjunctival pallor. A PET-CT scan reveals lytic bone lesions on the lumbar spine region. Lab investigations show: hemoglobin- 9.1 g/dL, serum calcium- 12.4 mg/dL, total serum protein- 9.2 g/dL; albumin- 3.6 g/dL; creatinine- 3.1 mg/dL, and urea nitrogen- 31 mg/dL. Urinalysis shows proteinuria of 4.1 g/24 hr but no glucosuria or hematuria.

Which of the following is likely to be detected by this patient’s urine electrophoresis?