Hematology- Aplastic anemia

A 35-year-old female comes to the clinic complaining of extreme weakness and fatigue for 3 weeks, along with a productive cough for the past 2 days. She also reports the development of bruises on her forearm with no associated physical trauma for the past 1 week. On examination, her temperature is 38.2 °C, and no […]

Hematology- G6PD deficiency

A 28-year-old male is given anti-malarial prophylaxis for a trip to West Africa. Over the next week, he develops increasing fatigue. On physical examination, there are no abnormal findings. Laboratory studies show a hematocrit of 30%. His peripheral blood smear examination shows red blood cells with numerous Heinz bodies. There is a positive family history […]

Hematology- G6PD def

Two days after receiving the antimalarial drug primaquine, the patient develops sudden intravascular hemolysis resulting in decreased hematocrit, hemoglobinemia, and hemoglobinuria. Examination of the peripheral blood reveals erythrocytes with a membrane defect forming “bite” cells; when crystal violet stain is applied, many Heinz bodies are seen. The most likely diagnosis is:

Hematology- Chronic blood loss anemia

A 55-year-old female comes to the clinic as she has been experiencing worsening fatigue and general body weakness for the past three months. She works at a magazine publishing agency and has been unable to concentrate on her work. She is a non-smoker with no dietary restrictions and eats out at restaurants frequently. She is […]

Hematology- B12 Perinicious anemia

A 45-year-old female presents to your clinic complaining that she stumbles while walking and even had a fall recently while grocery shopping. She is an occasional alcohol user, mostly having a few drinks on the weekend. Her complete blood count report shows the following- RBC count- reduced, WBC count- reduced, Platelets- thrombocytopenia, MCV- 115fL, Hb- […]

Hematology- Follicular lymphoma

A 33-year-old patient presents to your clinic with a sore throat and mild fever. On examination, you discover painless cervical lymphadenopathy with 3-4 enlarged nodes largest measuring four cms. You start the patient on antipyretics and antibiotics, and the symptoms resolve in a few weeks’ time. After six months, the patient presents again with similar […]

Hematology- Burkitts

A young boy presents to your clinic with a swelling in the jaw. His mother says the swelling has rapidly increased over the past few days. On examination, you note that the swelling is probably related to the growth of lymph nodes which has led to a distortion of the facial bones. A biopsy is […]

Hematology- spherocytosis ddx

A patient presents to the clinician with jaundice and pallor. The peripheral blood smears show the presence of spherocytes. The most relevant investigation to reach a diagnosis is?

Hematology- Polycythemia

A patient comes to the emergency room complaining of vomiting and severe epigastric pain that started a few hours ago. This patient has been a known alcoholic for five years and a non-smoker. On examination, the temperature is 38.8°C (102°F). Lab investigations show: Hb: 20.2 g/dL WBC count: 10500/cumm Hematocrit: 62.2% RBC count: 6.53 million/cumm […]