Hemodynamics- APS

A 20-year-old female is admitted with complaints of altered sensorium and slurred speech. A head CT scan shows a right temporal infarction. Cerebral angiography shows a distal right middle cerebral arterial occlusion. She had suffered from a pulmonary embolism episode before along with one miscarriage. Laboratory studies show a positive serologic test for syphilis, normal […]

Hemodynamics- Decompression sickness

A 20-year old female goes on a scuba diving tour and descends to 80m below the surface of the ocean. After 20 minutes, due to some reason, she has to return rapidly to the surface. She soon experiences difficulty breathing and chest pain, followed by a severe headache and vertigo. About an hour later, she […]

Hemodynamics- FES

A 19-year-old female is admitted to a trauma center as she met with an accident and sustained multiple injuries and fractures. She is intervened and stabilized. 3 days later, she suddenly becomes short of breath along with a petechial rash on the arms. The platelet count is now 55000/mm3. Which of the following is the […]

Hemodynamics- Lymph edema breast ca

A 52-year-old female notices a lump in her breast. A month passed and now the left breast has become slightly enlarged compared to the right breast. On inspection, the overlying skin of the left breast is inflamed and pitted. Mammography shows a 3.5 cm irregular density and a biopsy is done which diagnoses it to […]

Hemodynamics- PE cause

A 77-year male elderly has overcome an episode of cerebral infarction and is ambulating for the first time. Moments later, he develops sudden onset of dyspnea with diaphoresis. He cannot be resuscitated. The gross appearance of the hilum of the right lung at autopsy shows a thrombus. He also had no previous history of any […]

Hemodynamics- DVT- PE

A 69-year-old woman fractured her tibia and is hospitalized. A few weeks later, her leg is inflamed, particularly below the knee. She has painful locomotory movements of the leg and it is tender. Which of the following complications is most likely to occur after these events?  

Hemodynamics- Shock complication- lung

A young man exhibits loss of consciousness immediately after major trauma due to a road crash. As the EMT arrives, the man has tachycardia, his skin is cool and clammy on palpation and his blood pressure is 80/30 mmHg. He is hospitalized and survives. Which of the following organ-specific changes is likely to follow a […]

Hemodynamics- LPS

An elderly dysuric woman develops a fever, tachycardia and severe hypotension. There is right flank pain. Her plasma lactate dehydrogenase level is raised. Urine culture and blood culture grow Escherichia coli. Which substance bound to Toll-like cell receptors resulted in her catastrophic cardiac collapse?

Hemodynamics- Cerebral Hematoma

A 58-year-old man strikes the back of his head on the wall accidentally. Over the next 24 hours, he becomes sleepy and lethargic. A head CT scan shows left cerebral hemisphere compression due to the collection of blood beneath the dura mater. Which of the following terms best describes this collection?