Inflammation- Rolling mediator

A 52-year-old male who works as a handyman gets electrocuted while repairing electrical switches. He develops painful lesions on his arm which form a 1.5 cm abscess later. Biopsy of the lesion shows vascular vasodilation and numerous neutrophils tumbling along the margin of the blood vessels. Which of the following protein mediates this initial interaction […]

Inflammation- Fever mediators

A 30-year-old male presents to your clinic complaining of fever, productive cough with sputum, and shortness of breath. Chest x-ray shows enlarged lymph nodes and opacities in the right upper lung. Sputum culture is positive for acid-fast bacilli. Which of the following mediators of inflammation is chiefly responsible for the development of fever in this […]

Inflammation- CGD

A 6-year-old boy has numerous recurrent infections. Analysis shows that his neutrophils are unable to generate reactive oxygen species including superoxides. This boy most likely has inherited mutations in the gene that encodes which of the following proteins?

Inflammation- Types of exudates

A 55-year-old male has massive ascites. The ascitic fluid analysis shows a high specific gravity with high protein and contains large numbers of neutrophils and a few dead bacteria. Which of the following best characterizes this fluid?

Inflammation- Vascular permeability

A 10-year-old boy pierces his finger with sharp scissors while building his school project. His finger is now red and swollen. The swelling of the injured area is due to which of the following mechanisms?

Inflammation- Chemotactic factors

A 55-year-old male who works as a mechanic at a motor repair workshop injures his hand while fixing a car engine. The lacerated wound gets infected after a few days. Which of the following mediators of inflammation provides potent chemotactic factors for the directed migration of inflammatory cells into the wound area of this patient?

Inflammation- Acute inflammatory cells

A 26-year-old lactating female presents to your clinic complaining of redness in the areolar region along with pus discharge from the nipple. Microscopic analyses of this nipple discharge will show a predominance of which of the following cells?