Respi- Hamartoma

A 40-year-old man is found to have a solitary sharply demarcated pulmonary nodule on a chest radiograph done for an unrelated reason. The mass measures 2.5 cm. and has a firm, glistening, bluish-white cut surface on sectioning. Which of the following is the likely diagnosis for the lung mass in this patient?

Respi- consolidation pneumonia

In the context of pneumonia, the term “consolidation,” used frequently, refers to the “solidification” of the lung due to the replacement of the air by an exudate in the alveoli. Which of the following etiologic agents is commonly responsible for alveolar exudative solidification?

Respi- X ray infection

Which of the following pathogen is the most likely cause of the chest X-ray appearance?

respi- Pneumocystis HIV

A 25-year-old male presents with a 3-week history of fever, cough and shortness of breath. Chest x-ray shows bilateral ground glass infiltrates. Bronchoscopy is done, and the Gomori’s methenamine-silver stain reveals cysts containing one to eight sporozoites. What additional testing should be performed on this patient?  

Respi- Lung abscess pathogen

A 45-year-old man is brought to the ER due to alcohol intoxication. The patient is a known alcoholic and had frequent ER visits due to alcohol abuse. The patient is stabilized and admitted to ICU. The physician notices that the patient is coughing continuously with copious amounts of foul-smelling sputum. The chest X-ray reveals a […]

Respi- Pancoast clinical

Which condition produces a group of clinical findings that includes severe pain in the distribution of the ulnar nerve, destruction of ribs and Horner syndrome?

Respiratory- Pul HTN

A 35-year-old patient comes for evaluation of progressive shortness of breath on exertion and fatigue for the past 1 year. On physical examination, she has pedal edema, jugular venous distention, and hepatomegaly. Pathological finding in the second heart sound is detected in this patient with an increased intensity of second heart sound (P2 louder than […]

respiratory- small cell ca

A 60-year-old man presents to the clinic with generalized fatigue for 4 months. He says he has been feeling depressed and weak lately and his mood has had a negative impact on his relationship with his wife. He also reports recent acne flares, which he says he has not struggled with since college. He is […]

Respiratory- Chronic bronchitis etiology

A 55-year-old male comes to your office complaining of increasing dyspnea on exertion and chronic cough with sputum production, slight at first but increasing over time. On exploring his past history he has been experiencing a persistent cough with sputum production lasting the entire spring season in the past two years. Spirometry analysis shows an […]