Respiratory- Adenoca smoking

A 60-year-old female complains of a cough and a recent weight loss of 10 lbs. She also feels short of breath and generally tired throughout the day. She has never smoked any cigarette or been exposed to any environmental pollutants. Chest x-ray shows a 5 cm mass with an irregular outline in the right lung. […]

Respiratory- sarcoidosis

A 30-year-old patient presents to your clinic complaining of chest pain and fatigue. It started a few months ago when the patient felt short of breath while walking to the nearby grocery store. The patient now has a mild non-productive cough which has also worsened over the past few months. The patient also has experienced […]

Respiratory- A1AT def

A 36-year-old Caucasian male comes to your clinic complaining of difficulty in breathing which is more severe now as compared to a few months ago when it started. He works as a grocery store manager and it has become difficult to perform his regular office and household work. A pulmonary function test results show a […]

Respiratory- Small cell ca m/e

A 59-year-old female smoker with no significant medical history comes to the clinic complaining of dyspnea. She states that a month ago, she began experiencing shortness of breath during her morning 2-mile walk, which she had previously enjoyed without difficulty. Over the last week, she has become short of breath throughout the day and complains […]

Respiratory- Abscess infections

A 55-year-old has a history of chronic alcohol abuse and is on treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. The patient complains of fever and a productive cough for the past week. On examination, the temperature is 38.7°C (103°F), respirations are 31 per minute, and BP is 130/85 mmHg. The blood count showed raised neutrophils and a total […]

Respiratory- dad

Which microscopic finding specifically is seen as a result of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) / diffuse alveolar damage (DAD)?

Respiratory- PAP

A 30-year-old patient comes to your clinic complaining of difficulty breathing accompanied by a cough productive of abundant sputum. The patient also reports occasional chunks of gelatinous material in the sputum. The patient also reports that these symptoms have been present for the past 5 years, along with intermittent febrile illnesses caused by secondary pulmonary […]

Respiratory- Hsn Pneumonitis

A 45-year-old man comes to your clinic complaining of a cough and mild fever. The patient also reports difficulty breathing and describes ‘feeling tight’ in the chest. The patient is a potato farmer whose symptoms have worsened over the past 3 weeks. Lab tests reveal leukocytosis with neutrophilia, an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and increased […]

Respiratory- Asbestosis

A 65-year-old dies due to a chronic lung disease with progressive dyspnea. He worked at a company involved with building demolition and renovation of older buildings most of his life. At autopsy, parenchymal interstitial fibrosis is seen in both lungs. Occasional iron-protein complexes are also seen in the microscopy. Which of the following findings is […]